Hello everyone,

This past year has been great for Flat and its community and the upcoming year is going to be even better! Our software was built step by step based on the feedback and recommendations of the community. Right now, you are speaking, and we are listening more than ever.

In order to keep working this hard for you, we are making some changes to our Pricing from May 13th!

Over the next year, we intend to do many things that you have been asking for! For starters:

✅ Drag and drop functionality

✅ Handle larger scores than ever before

✅ New sounds

✅ Android app

In order to bring you all of these changes and maintain the quality you have grown to expect from Flat, we have doubled our team and intend to bring even more talented people on board! This does however come at a cost.

To better serve you and our community, we need to adjust our pricing.

⚠️ What's important

If you currently have a Power account with Flat, your subscription price will not be changing – we are going to honor your current price point forever!

💙 Think of it as an early-user discount.

Our updated pricing

Flat Basic: Free (and always will be!)
Monthly: $9.99*
Yearly: $4.08*/mo ($49 a year) - Same great price as before!
Lifetime: $199*

* Amounts may vary due to local currency.

For those of you who are not yet Power users!

If you sign up for a new subscription before May 13th, you’ll still get the current pricing, forever. That means you have time before the deadline to sign up, and lock in your price at the current rate. We hope you’ll take advantage of that.

We are grateful to have such a great community on our side, to change the world one music note at a time!

The Flat Team.