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Music Editor:

Flat for Education:

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Music Editor

Guitar chords enhancement

🎸 Now the editor will remember the chords you used in the score, so you don’t need to customize a chord every time you insert a chord.

New instruments

We released many new instruments:

  • Koto
  • Nagado drums
  • 2 alto & soprano saxs

Have you tried them out?

Flat for Education

Keyboard Pitch Construction exercises for the Worksheet assignments

πŸ’‘ With this exercise, the student will be given a note on the staff and has to find it on the piano keyboard.

Learn all about it here.

The community

May's challenge

Archetypes are representations of certain psychological aspects that all human beings possess. We all have archetypes in our personalities, but there are some that are more predominant.

In this challenge, you will get to know your dominant archetypes. Choose the one you feel most identified with and let your creativity flow!

Check it out πŸ‘‰πŸ» here

Composer of the month: JM

This month we chose JM as our composer of the month! After listening to some of his well-written compositions, we saw how well she deserved this title. This is one of our favorites scores:

We will soon share his interview. Join the premier!

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New blog articles

✍️ These are our latest articles, in case you haven't read them yet:

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