Hello everyone,

We recently launched Flat for Education's Google Add-on, and we have been working on some resources to help you make the most out of this amazing tool.

Video tutorials

In these video tutorials, you'll learn how to get Music Snippet, some possible uses, and its most relevant features.

Editor tutorials

Remember that the editor on Music Snippet is the same as on our main platform. If you want to refresh your memory, you can check out our tutorials regarding the editor:

🔗 Step-by-step written tutorials

🔗 Video tutorials

How other teachers are using Music Snippet

We recently interviewed several teachers who use Flat for Education in their daily work. Each discussion was rich, and so we wanted to share their knowledge to help take your classes to the next level with Music Snippet.

🔗 How to efficiently use Music Snippet.

💡 Extra resource: lesson ideas

Get inspired with these lesson ideas based on how other teachers are using our platform with their students:

"This app is easy to insert into documents. It is simple and clear. Not too many buttons to get confused with." - Music Educator and Music Snippet user from the USA

Intuitiveness is one of our company's core values, and Music Snippet was designed with that principle always in mind.

If you have any questions or suggestions, reach out to us at edu@flat.io – we'll be more than happy to help.

See you next time,