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On our side, we are working hard to offer you a new version of Flat in the coming months. A first update is already released as explained by Pierre in his last article.

We are working hard to offer you the best experience to compose and consume music scores. Our motivation comes from our incredible community. One year ago, I wrote an article about Kyle Pape and his work at the American School Foundation in Mexico City. It's time to share with you again, some inspirational stories from our community.

I had the pleasure to meet Ana Bautista, music teacher at The American School of Tampico, in Mexico. Thanks to her to share with us this beautiful testimony, which reminds you that music is universal. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Ana is a music teacher at The American School of Tampico, in Mexico. She is graduated with two Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance (Violoncello) in 2015 and in Music Teacher Education in 2012. She also had the opportunity to study one year in Washington during her BA in Music Performance. She teaches Piano, Violoncello, and singing.

Passion and Discipline

Ana is a young and passionate music teacher. She wants to share her passion for music with her students, and make the most of them.

"I hope that one day, one of my students will go to a music college and say: I would like to study music with the same passion that my music teacher".

However, music is not only a hobby. She wants her students to understand that even if they are happy to play music, it is a course like any other which requires discipline. This will bring the student to play better and therefore, to take even more pleasure with his instrument.

The convergence between passion and discipline is music theory. Read and master music is something important for Ana. That can be a differentiating element in college for her students if they have the opportunity to continue music. Moreover, music writing is also a universal language.

" Music is universal, it is a way to connect with others people, no matter barriers."

She told me that last year, her school welcomed South Korean exchange students for few days. Talking to them given the language barrier was difficult. Thus, the relationships were complicated. It is thanks to a musical activity that the dialogue was established. In fact, reading a music score was possible for both Mexican and South Korean students. This reminds us that music is a universal language that brings people together. I thank Ana for reminding us this fundamental aspect.

Motivate her students through Flat

Ana is open to new things which can help her students to be motivated. Teaching popular music is a way to keep them interested. "There is an immediate connexion." Even if reading is difficult, students are more inclined to study this type of music given that they recognize popular titles. Also, her teaching is not only confined to music. With each studied song, she presents the history and the culture related to this title, especially with Google Maps.

It is in this same approach she discovered Flat, thanks to a colleague. "Look at that! It is a new web-based product, to write music easily, and which works with G Suite for Education!". She started to use it after a quick presentation. Her pick up was quick, like her students. In fact, she immediately set up group work on music theory, and they learned together to master Flat.

"While we were considering taking Sibelius, Flat convinced us by its ease of use."

While learning music theory on paper can be boring, Flat is an alternative which facilitates both the student and teacher's work. Ana's students use the platform for reading music, creating a vocal arrangement, or adding a second voice. Flat allows students to study rigorously while having fun with the platform. Ana saw changes in her classes directly with more interested and motivated students, asking a lot of questions about their work.

Flat also serves her in larger projects. Last year, there was an art school festival, celebrating the school "anniversary", where students presented their projects to the public. Music students were invited to show their talents. The vocal arrangement was made on Flat, given its simplicity to write and share a score.
We are thrilled to have helped Ana, and we congratulate her and her students for their success during this festival. ๐Ÿ‘

Thanks again to Ana for her testimonial. We loved her approach to teaching music, especially this blending between discipline and passion. I'm sure one of her students will be inspired by their amazing teacher!
We wish her all the best in continuing the great job she did for her music classes.

I hope you enjoyed her story! As usual, feel free to share the article and to write us for some feedback! โœ๏ธ

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