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Education features

Education resources


Create and edit custom instruments directly in the editor

Now you’ve got even more musical possibilities easily available with Flat.

Custom instruments in the music editor

💡 Learn all about our custom instruments in this tutorial.

Flip slurs

You can now decide if a slur goes above or below the staff:

Slur under the staff

💡Read more information on our dedicated help page.

New voice selector

We released an improvement for the voice selector tool:

  • We were receiving lots of questions about how to insert a second voice on a staff, so we designed an icon that would make it clearer.
  • We also made another tweak: you no longer need to select a voice in order to remove it; instead, you can remove the first voice while editing the second one.

Toggle between voices in the music editor

Education features

Additional attachments for Worksheet assignments

Attach links, read-only scores and Google Drive files to your Worksheet assignments:

Worksheet assignment

Education resources

Here are 2 resources to help your students get started with Flat for Education:

📥 Student Manual
📥 Editor Overview Manual

Any feedback?

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions for our product team, please reach out to us at edu@flat.io.

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