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As usual, we want to keep you in the loop on our latest product updates:

Web Music Editor:

iOS mobile app:

Android mobile app:

The community:

Web music editor

Create and edit custom instruments directly in the editor

Now you’ve got even more musical possibilities easily available with Flat:

Custom instruments in the music editor

💡 Learn all about our custom instruments in this tutorial.

Flip slurs

You can now decide if a slur goes above or below the staff:

Slur under the staff

💡Read more information on our dedicated help page.

New voice selector

We released an improvement for the voice selector tool:

  • We were receiving lots of questions about how to insert a second voice on a staff, so we designed an icon that would make it clearer.
  • We also made another tweak: you no longer need to select a voice in order to remove it; instead, you can remove the first voice while editing the second one.
Toggle between voices

iOS mobile app

🐛iOS bugs fixed

  • Crash for German users: if the language settings of your device were in German, the app crashed.
  • Reloading a score was not working correctly (the score appeared empty after).

Android Mobile app

New tools

  • In-app help page.
  • Playback settings (playback speed and metronome).
  • Community tab.
  • Display/Hide concert pitch button. Before, the Concert Pitch button was always shown for pitched instruments.


  • We removed the possibility of opening the side menu with a gesture to avoid opening it inadvertently. You can now use the top right menu button to open it.

🐛Android bugs fixed

  • The “merge rests” option for the PDF export switch was not enabled; now it is.

The community

Views are back

We added back the views counter:

Views counter

February challenge

The month of amour! With this prevailing mood, February's challenge is inspired by the feeling that has been at the root of great works of art throughout history: love.
For this Valentine special, we invite you to compose a song for Gustav Klimt’s painting The Kiss.

🔗 Further instructions here

Bach in time competition

The competition consists of a series of rounds, each round dedicated to a certain era in music. As each round progresses, we’ll go further back in history, so that there will be rounds including Contemporary music, Jazz/Ragtime, Romantic classical, Classical, and Baroque Classical.

🤫 You can join our Discord server to be updated about this and more community activities. We have a dedicated channel there for this competition.

🔗 Learn more about this competition here.

Composer of the month

February's composer is ✨Unnatural

We learned a lot during our interview, and we're sure you will oo.
We'll share the interview very soon!

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