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New HQ Choir instruments

We added 10 new HQ Choir instruments to our editor:

  • Choir Soprano Woman
Hq choir soprano women
  • Choir Soprano Girls
Hq choir soprano girls
  • Choir Soprano Boys
Hq choir soprano boys
  • Choir Countertenor Man
Hq choir countertenor men
  • Choir Alto Woman
Hq choir alto women
  • Choir Alto Girls
Hq choir alto girls
  • Choir Tenor Hall
Hq choir tenor hall
  • Choir Tenor Cathedral
Hq choir tenor cathedral
  • Choir Bass Hall
Hq choir bass hall
  • Choir Bass Cathedral
Hq choir bass cathedral

✨ These new instruments are currently in beta testing for Android. They will be available in the stable version very soon.

💡 If you aren't familiar with voice ranges, here's a brief explanation:

Voice ranges

The human voice is a versatile instrument capable of producing a wide range of sounds. Voice range refers to the spectrum of pitches that a human can comfortably produce. In general terms, the different voice ranges can be categorized using four main categories: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass.

🎙️ Soprano

Soprano is the highest range, able to reach the highest pitches in the vocal range. Some adjectives often associated with this range are "bright" and "clear".

🎙️ Alto

Alto is lower than the Soprano range. Altos typically have a warmer, richer sound than Sopranos, one result of which is that they are often used for harmonies.

Note: The Soprano and Alto ranges are commonly associated with female voices since female voices tend to be higher than male voices. Do remember that this isn't a rule, just a reference as you start to recognize the different voice ranges.

🎙️ Tenor

Tenor range is lower than Alto. Some adjectives associated with this range: light, agile, flexible.

🎙️ Baritone

This range between the Tenor and Bass ranges is characterized by its versability. A Baritone can usually sing both low and high notes; thus the voice is often used as a bridge between the Tenor and Bass sections.

🎙️ Bass

The Bass range is the lowest of the four ranges and is typically associated with male voices. Basses have a deep, rich sound, and their voices can add a solid foundation to any piece of music.

Note: Tenor, Baritone and Bass ranges are commonly associated with male voices since male voices tend to be lower than female's voices. Once again, this is not rule, just a reference as you start to recognize the different voice ranges.

We can't wait to hear the scores you'll create in Flat with these new instruments!

Interpretation of dynamics enhancement

The playback engine now interprets dynamic markings (pp, fff…) located at the beginning and end of crescendos and diminuendos. In other words, it’s now possible to customize the intensity of crescendos and diminuendos!

Dynamics in crescendo

💡 Here is a tutorial on how to add dynamics to your score.

✨ This feature will allow you add even more expression to your music, triggering stronger emotions in your audience!

Below is an example of a melody without the feature:

View on Flat: Hey Jude

And now, an example of the same melody using the feature:

Mobile apps

New editor

We released a new editor in our iOS and Android apps, adding features that were missing in the mobile experience. On the improved versions you now have rehearsal marks, beaming pattern, more voice options, multi-measure-rests, and many interface improvements!

If you haven't updated your app recently, here are the links for doing so:

🔗 iOS

🔗 Android

iOS app

We made some improvements to the instrument manager, making it easier to edit, remove or replace parts in your score.

Android app

1. Google payment integration
Now you can purchase your subscription directly in the app!

2. Automatically open exports
There is now an open button when you export a score, so it is much easier to locate the file on your device.

3. Improvement on lyrics and annotation

Before, when inputting some text (lyrics or annotations), at each new note the line turned back to be the first one. We fixed this issue.

4. Bug in the audio playback

With longer scores, the phone screen could turn off while playing. This won't happen anymore!

The community

March challenge winner

For this challenge we got more than 100 submissions 🫢!

🎉 We want to congratulate Brady Johnson for his lovely piece:

Check out the results and different highlights from the challenge here!

April challenge

The theme this month is Harmonizing H2O.

In this challenge you will write a song about the phenomenon of the water cycle, reflecting the different states of water as an element.

🌧️ Join now!

Composer of the month

March's composer is ✨Jalen Green

We loved hearing from him during our interview, and we're sure you will, too.
We'll share our discussion very soon!

Discord: the community is growing

Our Discord community has grown to 216 members 🥳!
Don't miss your chance to be a part of this vibrant community of music enthusiasts. Share your music, connect with collaborators, and take your composition skills to the next level. 

Join now and let's make beautiful music together!

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