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Updates on the new Roman numerals input

Reminder: What are Roman numerals?

Roman numerals are one way of writing music chords. They help identify chords in a key, no matter which notes are used. Musicians use Roman numerals to analyze the chord progressions in a piece of music.

πŸ’‘ Learn how to use this feature in Flat here.

The Roman numerals tool in Flat

To enhance the overall user experience, we've implemented a set of helpful tooltips to provide clear guidance for using Roman numerals in your compositions. Additionally, we have made several adjustments to optimize the feature's usability with a keyboard, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

New button for adding and removing measures

In order to significantly enhance your workflow and make score editing a breeze, we've implemented a user-friendly button directly within the score interface. With this handy addition, you can add or remove measures by simply clicking on the designated button, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual adjustments.

New button for adding/removing measures in the score

πŸ’‘ This intuitive feature lets you achieve greater efficiency and flexibility when working on scores, saving you valuable time and effort throughout the editing process.

New option to export without time signatures

Thanks to your feedback we're excited to introduce a frequently requested feature: the ability to export scores without any time signatures. This allows for greater customization in your creations, giving you the freedom to explore and personalize your compositions even further.

Hide time signatures in your scores

Learn how to export your scores without time signatures in this tutorial.

πŸ”₯ Get ready to unleash your creativity and take your musical expression to new heights with this exciting addition to our platform.

New instruments

We've added 2 amazing instruments!

  • Contrabassoon

  • Woodblocks


Besides that, we have a new Ehru and 9 new Bass Synthesizers in Beta.

New instruments in Beta

We can't wait to hear what you'll create with these new sounds!

Accidentals better interpreted by ornaments

We've made significant improvements to the interpretation of ornaments, such as trills and mordents, in relation to key signatures and previous accidentals within the measure. With these enhancements, the playback of these expressive embellishments now accurately reflects the intended musical interpretation, taking into account the appropriate key signature and any preceding accidentals. This refinement ensures a more faithful representation of your compositions, providing a richer and more nuanced musical experience.

The ornaments toolbar in Flat

Learn how to add ornaments to your score here.

Mobile apps

New editor

πŸš€ This update is designed to empower musicians of all levels – create, edit, and bring your musical ideas to life on the go!

Old vs. new interface on the Flat mobile app

πŸ’‘ Learn all about the available features and more in our dedicated article.

We hope this update takes your music to the next level and makes creating music in our mobile app even more enjoyable!

New instruments

We've added many new instruments in the mobile apps (Android and iOS):

🎢 Erhu

🎢 Out Synth Bass

🎢 Phase Synth Bass

🎢 Plucky Synth Bass

🎢 Out Synth Bass

🎢 Weekend Synth Bass

🎢 Evolution Synth Bass

🎢 Airbass Synth Bass

🎢 Light Synth Bass

🎢 Solid Synth Bass

🎢 Underwide Synth Bass

🎢 Contrabassoon

🎢 Woodblock

New feature in iOS

Great news! The custom instruments feature that has been enjoyed on Android is now also available for iOS users. This update brings a consistent and unified experience to both platforms, ensuring that iOS users can now benefit from the same powerful features and functionalities as on Android.

Custom instruments when creating a score

Now you can add custom instruments while creating a score instead of having to wait until the score is already created. This allows for a smoother and more convenient workflow, giving you the flexibility to personalize your compositions right from the start.

😎 Enjoy the freedom to easily include your preferred instruments and create unique musical pieces that suit your artistic vision.

Custom instruments when creating a score

πŸ’‘Learn more about custom instruments here.

The community

May challenge

We are honored to have such a diverse group here, and we cherish the cultural richness that each of you brings to our community. In this challenge we're celebrating that diversity, giving everyone a chance to share their culture. We will announce the winner very soon, so stay tuned!

Find out more here.

Composer of the month: LG15

LG15 gives us all the opportunity to marvel at such big talent in such a young package!

Check out the full interview in this article.

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