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As usual, we want to keep you in the loop on our latest product updates:

Web Music Editor:

iOS mobile app:

Android mobile app:

The Community:

Web Music Editor

Now you can add your social media accounts to your profile in Flat, which makes it much easier for those who love your music to be closer to you and be part of your musical journey.

Slurs for grace notes

Now you can draw slurs between a grace note and the note it is attached to!

🔗 Tutorial

iOS Mobile app

🐛 iOS Bugs fixed

  • Some success messages were displayed in red instead of ink (e.g. copy paste). All success messages are in ink now, red is only for errors.

Android Mobile app

The web version of Flat in-app

As most of you Android users already know, we are in the process of building out our native Android app. But because it’s a work in progress, that means some of the tools you’ve grown to love might not be added in yet. Meanwhile, you can access the full web version of Flat directly within the application!

🔗 Learn all about it

New tools

We've added the following tools:

  • Force beam/unbeam
  • Dead notes
  • Ghost notes
  • Score credits edition
  • Classic chords
  • Jazz chords

New instruments

We have added some very special instruments:

  • Dizi
  • Shakuhachi

Improved the performance

We enhanced the speed of the editor and how the instruments' sounds are downloaded.

🐛 Android Bugs fixed

  • Wrong list of scores when scrolling through a long list of scores.

The Community

October's challenge winner

🎉 We want to congratulate Redstonecat123!!!!

He is the winner of October's challenge with his song Une Journée Noir:

We created a playlist with the top 10 👉🏽 listen now

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November's Challenge

Composer of the month

October's composer is ✨Prof. P

We learned a lot during our interview, and we're sure you will.
We'll share the interview very soon!

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