Putting together engaging music lessons for diverse disciplines and grades can be a time-intensive task. The Flat for Education (FFE) Resource Library offers a solution: a comprehensive collection of customizable assignments, allowing educators to efficiently create tailored lessons that meet specific student needs. By leveraging these pre-made activities, you can significantly reduce planning time and focus on delivering impactful teaching that fosters a deeper appreciation for music.

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To find these assignments, navigate to the "Resource Library" tab on the left-hand side menu when logged into your account. From there, click on the "FFE assignments" tab.

The FFE Assignment Library expanded, offering a wider range of assignments meticulously categorized by subject (music theory, band, general music, orchestra, and more!), grade level, and desired skillset. This enhanced organization facilitates your search for the perfect assignment to meet your students' needs.

Plus, we've just added new activities!

Filtering by topics on the FFE Assignments section of the Resource Library

Ready-made assignments: your teaching powerhouse

Flat for Education's pre-made assignments are a win-win for teachers and students. These activities save you time planning lessons (skip the blank page!), inspire you with fresh ideas, and can be adapted to your curriculum. This empowers you to focus on connecting with students while keeping them engaged with exciting, interactive activities.

Explore this guide to learn how to add FFE resources to your assignment library, how to edit them, and assign them to your classes.

Can't find what you're looking for? The Resource Library is constantly growing! Share Your Ideas! We welcome your suggestions for new samples. Email edu@flat.io if you'd like to contribute your assignments and inspire educators worldwide!

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What's next?

Stay tuned for updates and tips on how to maximize your use of the Resource Library. If you haven't done so already, check out our latest guide!

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