Hi !

We are really proud and excited to announce an amazing new feature! Since the beginning of Flat users have been using MusicXml format. We’re continuously improving our support for this format to make us compliant with a larger set of notation symbols and softwares. However, there was a strong limitation about having only this format.
Pure Players or beat makers needed another format - their format - to get on Flat and share their talent with the community.

Here we are! An early version of MIDI Import / Export is available online. The number of new ways to interact with Flat is kinda amazing. I described some of them below :)


Let's take a great example: composers who feel more comfortable writing music while playing with their instruments. They can now register their own creations using DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software like Fruity loops, pro tools, Cubase, Garage Band. Export their work in Midi format. Then they can directly import their great composition on Flat and share it with the whole community. Make it more amazing!

What if a drummer meets a great guitar bass player. They would be able to collaborate quickly and easily. For instance they could merge each of their original composition, then do all the arrangements they need while chatting using Google hangout. They would be so efficient! Sometimes it can take only two people to do amazing stuff:

Moreover electronic MIDI-compatible instruments are legion: keyboards, guitars, drums, even violins are available on the market. And if you have an acoustic instrument and still want to join us there are plenty of numeric adapters out there.


Export is one of a hell feature. Once you’re happy with your composition, you might want to master your sounds thanks to DAW software offering awesome VST like Native Instruments or 8Dio.
We would love to hear your results, so share them with us! ☺

Here is one example:

Heard that crazy quality sound ? Our goals is to have something similar on Flat!

As you can read, MIDI compliance is a new opening to collaboration and sharing on Flat. We’re really excited to discover what kind of creations it will produce! Despite this great start, we are aware that we’re still at the beginning of MIDI integration! What we really intend to do is to offer the possibility to compose on Flat in realtime by playing an electronic instrument.
We already started the development and we plan to make it available with the next release of Google chrome 44 mid-June!

We really hope that you’ll enjoy this feature as much as we already do. Feel free to share your experience with us. We would be pleased to publish articles on our blog.

With love,

The Flat Team.