Hi Everyone,

June has been a great month for Flat and our team. Discover some highlights of June at Flat:


Left Hand Pizzicato

We added the left-hand pizzicato ("+") for string instruments, this notation is available next to the regular pizz. notation.

Improvements of the Cut & Paste tools

Cutting more elements

The cut feature now removes all the selected content of the score. Some specific notation were previously missing when cutting (triplets, dynamics, annotations, chords, pedals, octave shifts, ...).

Splitting triplets when pasting

We improved our pasting algorithm to automatically split all triplets when pasting your content between two measures:

New instrument: Contrabass clarinet

This month, we added a new instrument for our Flat Power and Flat for Education users: the Contrabass clarinet. This one is available with our other premium instruments.

Contrabass Clarinet

iOS updates (3.3.0)

We released a new update for iOS, this one includes several features we launched last month in our web app:

  • Measure Repeat signs
  • Bends (Full Pre-Bend, ½ Pre-Bend, Bend, ½ Bend, Release, ½ Release)
  • Key signature: Option to change the key only for a single part
  • New instruments: Wind Chimes and Contrabass clarinet
  • Support for MusicXML 3.1 (Export & Import), plain XML files now use the .musicxml extension
  • Chords keyboard: add a dedicated key for the diminished chords

Download on the App Store

New integrations

Microsoft Teams

We added our first integration with Microsoft Teams for Flat for Education accounts using our Office 365 sign in. In 1-click, you can share any Flat scores (including private ones) to your Teams channel and create assignments with teams.

Check out our dedicated blog post to learn more about this integration and our existing integration with Microsoft 365 and OneNote.

[Microsoft Teams](/microsoft-teams-Microsoft Teamss-teams-share-1.gif)](/microsoft-teams-available-on-flat/)


Frettable added an integration with Flat. If you don't know Frettable, they provide an automatic audio transcription service based on AI. In a few clicks, you can upload an audio recording and get the score in your Flat Library to edit it.

[![Frettable + Flat](https://blog.flat.io/content/images/2019/06/flat_promo.jpgFrettable +Frettable + Flatmo.jpg)

ISTE 2019 in Philadelphia, PA

Last week our team flew from the UK, France, Czech Republic, and China to Philadelphia for the ISTE 2019. We had an amazing time in Philly, met so many awesome educators and got amazing feedback from everyone. Thanks to the ones who visited us at ISTE 2019, and see you next year at Anaheim for ISTE 2020!

If you missed us or have any questions about Flat for Education, check out our education website to learn more about it or contact our team at edu@flat.io. You can also sign up today for an education account and get a 3-month free trial.

Thank you

Thanks again for all your feedback, we always love to hear from you! If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop us a line at hello@flat.io.


Vincent & The Flat Team