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We're excited to keep you updated on the latest enhancements on Flat for Education. Today we have some amazing news! We have added four marching band instruments to our list of HQ instruments, as many of you requested:

🎶 Marching Snare Drums

HQ Marching Snare Drums

🎶 Marching Tenor Drums

HQ Marching Tenor Drums

🎶 Marching Bass Drums

HQ Marching Bass Drums

🎶 Marching Cymbals

HQ Marching Cymbals

Hacks for Supporting Marching Band Students' Live Performances

To help your students play their parts better during a live performance, we recommend using the following features. By leveraging these tools, you can enhance the overall quality of their performance and ensure they are well-prepared.

HQ Instruments

When writing the scores for your marching band students, we recommend using HQ instruments for better sound quality. This will enable your students to have a great audio reference when studying their part.

HQ Instruments

Annotations and Rehearsal Marks

To help your students better navigate the score and to add important information they need to consider, we recommend using annotations and rehearsal marks. When composing for marching bands, annotations provide clear instructions and guidance on specific sections of the music, ensuring that students understand your instructions.

Annotations in Flat for Education

Rehearsal marks make it easier for large groups to coordinate and practice efficiently, allowing for smoother rehearsals and more cohesive performances.

Rehearsal Marks in Flat for Education

💡By using these tools, you can ensure that your compositions are well-interpreted and executed by tyour students, leading to a more polished and synchronised final performance.

Breath Marks for Brass and Wind Instruments

Including breath marks for brass and wind instruments is essential to ensure that your students can manage their breath efficiently throughout the performance. This practice helps them maintain their stamina and control, leading to a more polished and professional presentation.

Breath Marks in Flat for Education

Export the entire score and individual parts

Once you are done with the score for your students, it is time to share the parts with the them. In Flat for Education, you can easily export the full score or individual parts, making the process very convenient.

Exporting Single Parts in Flat for Education

💡 This feature allows you to send each sstudent their corresponding part in just a few clicks.

The Performance Assignments

When preparing your students for a live performance, creating performance assignments in Flat for Education can be highly beneficial. These assignments can motivate students to practice regularly and allow you to monitor their progress closely. By doing so, you can provide tailored feedback and support, ensuring they receive the guidance they need throughout the learning process.

💡Learn all about the performance assignments in our dedicated article below:

Using Performance Assignments
In this article, we’ll look at Flat for Education’s performance assignments: different activities, benefits, examples of how teachers are incorporating them, and more!

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