Hi everyone,

We are already in the middle of Fall. Red leaves can be a great source of inspirations for amazing compositions! On our side, we made some improvements to make it easier for you working on huge scores, or working on scores that are part of a big ensemble. We also have something for our fellow teachers!

The choice between fixed and movable Do with Kodály

Based on the discussion we had with some teachers, we introduced the possibility to choose whether Solfege should be displayed with movable Do or fixed Do.

Here there is a score in G, with a movable Do:

Changing the start of the measures measuring

We have added the possibility to change where the measures numbering starts. This way you can make a score start at measure 60 for instance.

Performance update

In parallel with adding new notations, we have been working on improving the responsiveness of the editor. The previous version was updating the display of the score synchronously. This means that the web browser would not be able to react until we finished updating the display of the score. It could be a huge issue when using the horizontal display, where an update in one measure could cause all the vertical alignments to be recomputed.

In the new version, we do those updates asynchronously. This means that during the update process, we leave room for the web browser to be reactive, you don't get the feeling that the page is stuck while it is updating, you are still able to scroll around.

We also added other improvements. In page mode, for instance, we only draw pages when you scroll down to see those. In the same way in horizontal mode, we only display the measures that are in and around the screen area.
This way the scores load faster, so it will be easier for you to open and listen to big scores, or work on huge compositions.

Thank you

Thanks again for all your feedback, we always love to hear from you! If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop us a line at hello@flat.io.

Cyril & The Flat Team