Hi Everyone!

Summer is almost over and we hope that you had an awesome one! :)

On our side, we did so many improvements that I would need a dedicated post to review everything!

Back to school

Right now it's more about the eagerly awaited back to school sales on Flat. You've been so many asking us if we would go for another round this year :)

Get Flat for a whole year

The answer is YES. Until the end of September you will be able to get Flat for an entire year for $29!

Or pay Once for life

That's not all to celebrate our upcoming iOS application and our two year anniversary we also apply a back to school discount on our lifetime price, that you can get for $99 only!

With all the ideas and projects flourishing right now, as well as those only starting to bloom (yup, ideas don't have seasons!), I can't wait to see what will happen during this upcoming year.

I wish you all the best!

Pierre & The Flat Team