Hi everyone,

At Flat and as a remote company, we strive to make Remote Music Learning easy and engaging. If your school is affected by closure due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have solutions for you to keep the creativity going.

Free Flat for Education access

If you don't have a Flat for Education site license, we are offering it for free to everyone through July 1, 2020. To sign up, just go to flat.io/edu/signup, and you will have your account ready in a couple of minutes. If you already have a Flat account but don't have a license, please contact us at edu@flat.io to get one.

Flat for Education is GDPR, COPPA, and FERPA compliant, and will give you access to a private website for you and your students.

You can use it to easily share interactive music scores, distribute copies of sheet music templates to your students to complete, create remote and live collaborations, and a lot more!

Flat for Education works with your favorite tools:

And if you don't want to put any personal information on Flat, you can create anonymous accounts for your students.


Simplifying distance learning with Live collaboration and feedback

With the distance, communication and collaboration can be hard, especially if you want to work synchronously with someone. When using Flat, everything is live. You can see when your students start working on an activity, access their work in real-time, give live feedback to them, and of course edit a single music score with multiple people at the same time, whatever device they use, wherever they are.

This collaboration aspect is part of our company culture: With a team of 7 located in 6 countries and working remotely all the time, designing products that simplify collaboration and distance working is part of what we do daily.

Help and Resources

To get started with Flat, check out our step by step tutorial to discover our editor, and this other step by step tutorial to use our classes features. Our help center is a wonderful place to learn more about our products and tools.

Step-by-step tutorial

If you need any help to use Flat or have any questions, please contact our team at edu@flat.io, we are always happy to provide support to our community.

Vincent and The Flat Team