Get ready to transform your music teaching experience! The all-new Resource Library is here to become your ultimate collaborative assignment workspace. Effortlessly share, organize, and discover valuable music assignments, all in one place. This powerful tool empowers you to spark inspiration, streamline your workflow, and elevate your classroom to a whole new level!

Share to inspire and collaborate

Share and collaborate on Flat for Education

The Resource Library is no longer a one-way street. Now, you can share your music lesson plans, assignments, and collections (folders) with fellow educators across your school or district! Spark inspiration, ignite collaboration, and learn from each other’s brilliant ideas. Ready to start sharing?

Organize for smarter teaching

Organize your assignments on Flat for Education's Resource Library

Say goodbye to cluttered folders and endless searches! Our intelligent tagging system lets you categorize your assignments and collections (folders) by subject, grade level, or type. Find exactly the assignments you need in seconds, freeing up precious time for lesson planning and student interaction.

Discover new ways to engage your students

Discover Shared Assignments on Flat for Education

Need a fresh perspective or a ready-made assignment to jumpstart your lesson? Browse resources from fellow teachers or curated by the Flat for Education team, packed with creative ideas and proven strategies to engage students.

Take Control Now!

We know change can be exciting, but sometimes a little guidance goes a long way. We've created a detailed guide to help you navigate the new Resource Library features and unlock its full potential.

The Resource Library - Flat for Education
Explore the Resource Library and how to create assignments on Flat for Education. Flat Help Center

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What's Next?

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