Hi everyone,

One thing we always wanted to add with our assignment system is a way for teachers to choose the tools available for the students to work on an assignment, and completely customize our music notation editor for your own needs.

We are always working hard to make the editor as easy to use as possible. However, for young students, it can be confusing to see so many tools. It can be easier for them to only have the tools they would need for a simple composition assignment, such as writing a simple song, and therefore keep their focus on a chosen set of notations.

Second, by only enabling specific some tools, you can create new types of assignments! For instance, you can only allow the students to color note heads, in order for them to identify errors. Or you can only enable the chords notation so the students can identify and name existing chords in the score.

Toolset selection is available in the extra section when you create or edit an assignment.

You can pick an existing toolset or create a new one from this interface.

Here is an example of assignment where the students need to name chords. Only the chord tool is enabled:

You will find more information on our dedicated help page:

I hope you will enjoy using this new feature! Let us know if you have any question or suggestions around it.