This post is the first of a series of posts for Developers about our APIs.

Hello fellow developers,

Today we are really excited to launch our Platform API publicly!

Last year we received a lot a request to access to our API ("How can I write a script to export all my scores in MP3?", "How can I programmatically update my scores from a source X" ... and more!) and we decided to open it to everyone.

Flat + OpenAPI = 💙

Last fall while we started working on our native mobile apps, we decided to build a brand new API ("v2") with a standard schema and we chose to follow the Open API Initiative (formerly known as Swagger).

During the past few months, we worked on migrating hundreds of API methods to this new API and slowly integrated them into our web app during our last major updates.

Flat Platform - Open API

What is available today?

We published part of our two first main Platform APIs: Scores API and Account API. The corresponding Open API Specification/Schema is available on Github.

We also launched an Open Source Developer Documentation - available as well on Github. This one includes all the information about this API: Authentication methods, Rate Limits, SDKs, Changelog and much more!

To easily get started, you can use one of our SDKs (Python, JavaScript or PHP), they are built using Swagger Codegen and maintained by our team.

Flat Platform API documentation

What about the authentication?

The authentication is based on OAuth2. If you want to quickly get started or only use the API with your Flat account, you can generate Personal Access Tokens directly from your dashboard. If you create a public app, feel free to request OAuth2 credentials on this one!

What's next?

Only a small set of methods of our Platform API is available today, we have plans to open more of our existing APIs, for example, our Education Platform. We're eager to see what you will create and build on the top of our platform!

Please feel free to contact us ( if you have any feedback or feature request!

Vincent & The Flat Team