In 2015 we launched the first version of our Flat embed as a side product. This really simple tool allowed people to quickly add an HTML5 viewer of sheet music on any web page.

Today, we are launching a brand new version of this embed as one of our core products: better performance, new features, fully customizable... and this one integrates our amazing editor!

Free embed features for everyone

Our embed now includes 3 different layout modes: Responsive, Page, and Track (with an improved display and auto-zoom for the Page and Track modes).

We also added the ability for your visitors to display the score in full screen, print it, customize the different instruments volumes and zoom, directly in the embed.

All of these features are part of our Free Embed offer! From any score (private or public), simply choose "Share > Embed" to open our new Embed generator and choose the different options available.

A complete customizable product

We know that customization is really important for you. You probably want to remove the Flat logo, customize the controls and the theme of this great sheet music viewer.

That's why we are launching today a dedicated Embed offer. We are bringing a dozen of parameters that you can customize without any development knowledge. They are directly available in our Embed generator, so you can customize them in a few clicks.

You can discover some examples of customization on our website:

Embed customization

This product is available on the top of Flat Power. Please contact us to integrate it, we will provide you a custom solution that fits your needs.

Developers: A JavaScript Client to go further

We also are launching a new JavaScript Client for this embed. This one is Open Source and available on Github.

Our goal is to give you the complete control of this embed: load and export any music score in MusicXML directly in JavaScript, control all the features and get events for the different actions made with this one!

Here is an example of code that creates a customized embed, loads a compressed MusicXML file and automatically launch the playback once loaded:

For more information and documentation, check it out on Github!

We will add more features and events in the upcoming weeks. We aim here to provide a tailored solution that exactly fits your needs, as well as providing a great developer support!

Developers: Our great music notation editor

Another great component of Flat's unique technology is our web-based music notation editor. Really simple to use and beautiful, everyone loves it! We are bringing it in our embed offer, with its complete customization and the choice of the tools available for your end users.

In a few lines of JavaScript and on any web page, you can allow your users and visitors to edit any MusicXML file and get the new file once the modifications are done.

Here is an example of our embedded editor with a quick customization:

Customizable embedded music notation editor

This is only the first step of this new product, we can't wait to see what you build with our embed! Please let us know if you have any feedback, features requests or simply want to get started with our new Embed product.

Vincent and the Flat Team