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As always, we want to keep you in the loop with our Flat for Education product updates. Over the upcoming months, our tech team is focusing on enhancing our existing features, guided by the feedback we've received from you, our valued users.

This doesn't mean we're going to stop introducing new features for good, of course! It's just that for now our primary focus will be on strengthening and improving the editor. We'll also use this period to share extra tips and insights about our most popular features. We hope these little pointers can really help take your music lessons to the next level.

Below, we'll explore the various features available to you for creating assignments tailored to your students' needs.

Customizing your assignments

Additional support for your students:

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Customizing your assignments

Custom toolsets

When setting up music assignments, it's helpful to limit the number of tools students can use in the score. This makes the software easier to navigate and allows students to focus on the specific music symbols they need for their assignment. This approach is especially useful for younger students who might feel overwhelmed by too many options.

Custom toolsets for music composition assignments

When you're preparing or updating an assignment, you can choose or make a tailored set of tools in the "Extras" section. This customization enhances the learning experience by ensuring students concentrate on relevant tasks, making the educational process more efficient and engaging.

💡 Learn how to use this feature > here.

But wait, there's more. In Flat for Education, you have the Toolset Library. This allows you to save various toolsets for different kinds of assignments, making it easy to reuse them with just a couple of clicks. If you want to learn all about this feature, please take a look at our dedicated guide below.

Customizing the Editor for Music Composition Assignments
For focused student music composition assignments, one recommendation is to reduce the number of tools available within the composing editor.

Distribute assignments to individual students or groups

In education, it's important to meet each student's unique needs. This is why we designed a feature that allows teachers to assign work to either individual students or groups. This is crucial because every student learns differently, and some might need extra help or more challenging activities. Having the ability to tailor assignments is key to creating an effective learning environment. It helps students get the right level of challenge and support.

Assigning individual students

💡 To read more about this feature and learn how to make the most out of it, check out our step-by-step tutorial below.

Assign individual students - Flat for Education
Every student is unique. Use this feature to assign work to individuals based on their needs. Flat Help Center

Additional support for your students

Student preview

The best way to grasp what our students go through with our assignments is to see things from their perspective. Experiencing the platform as a student lets you identify their potential questions and craft assignments that are both clear and engaging. Flat for Education offers this insight through the Student Preview.

Student Preview in Flat for Education

Extra tip: We've created a manual that you can download and share with your students for better support on their learning process when using Flat for Education.

Extra resources in the assignments

Including additional resources in your assignments can significantly enhance your students' learning experience and success. Our platform allows you to attach supplementary materials, such as scores or videos, directly within the assignments. This means students can access these resources right where they are working, without the need to download files or navigate away from the page.

Extra resources in your assignments

💡 Learn more about this and other features related to the assignments in our dedicated guide below.

Create assignments and activities - Flat for Education
How to create a new assignment on Flat for Education. Flat Help Center

Inline comments and real-time feedback

Boost classroom interaction with our inline comments feature, designed to enhance both individual and group work. This tool simplifies how students present their assignments and quickly get feedback, promoting an active, engaging learning process, allowing for immediate feedback and insights from you.

This facilitates effective communication, essential for successful music education. With this feature, the classroom transforms into a dynamic space that supports each student's growth and achievement.

Inline comments in Flat for Education

💡Learn how to use this feature in our dedicated guide > here.

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