Hello everyone,

This month we have been working hard on several updates that will be ready very soon. Though, we released some features in April, and we would like to share them with you today:

Music Editor:

Flat for Education:

Music Editor

Updated ties display for staves with two voices

We changed the default direction of ties when there are two voices in a staff.

➡️ Now ties are going outward.

✅ This way ties are less likely to collide with the other voice.

💡If you need to have the tie going inward instead, you can change it with the flip tie action:

Flat for Education

Audio recording assignments

With this new type of assignment, you will be able to assess the recorded performance of your students. 🎙

Focus on the performance!

✅ Pick the score your students will have to follow while recording themselves.

The first view your students will have when they start their assignments, they just need to click the microphone button to start recording!

✅ Once they are done, they need to click on the stop button on the top left corner of their screen. If they are satisfied with the result, they can click on Save recording.

Once a first recording has been saved, students will be able to stack another one, decide which one they want to keep, and eventually turn it in.

💡 The students can always record a new track and pick the one they want to keep.

Read more about it here.

Beats identification exercises

We have recently added our first rhythm exercise:

How to create rhythms exercises

The student is given a time signature, and a symbol (note or rest), and has to express the duration of the symbol in a number of beats.

The time signature can also use alternative display:

And we also cover compound time signatures:

☝️ We will soon work on more exercises on this topics, such as beat counting and bar-lines.

New Articles

✍️ These are our latest articles, in case you haven't yet read them:

Any feedback?

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestion for our product team, please reach us: hello@flat.io

Have a wonderful day!