Hey everyone,

At Flat we always aim to provide the best tech we can, but we don't actually write a lot about it (yet). Today I will talk you about the global infrastructure we setup for Flat few months ago and that we recently upgraded.

One of the main challenges at Flat is the real-time collaboration and performance for all of our users all over the world, especially when they are really far, for example collaborating between the South-Korea and the Europe. A few months ago, we upgraded our infrastructure to always be able to provide a fast, reliable and quality service.

Our complete application stack (Frontends, API, Real-Time, Micro-services, Database, ...) is running across 3 different locations:

  • In the US (New York) for North and South America
  • In the Netherlands (Amsterdam) for the EMEA
  • In Singapore for Asia and Oceania

We replicate millions of music scores across 3 different locations where they are stored at least 3 times in each datacenter:

  • In the US (North Virginia)
  • In Canada (Montreal)
  • In France (Gravelines)

We chose the best infrastructure providers with the best networks to be able to provide the best service we can with a 100% availability over the last 6 months.

If you have any questions or want to know more, just let us know!