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A new experience on our Help page

From the beginning, Flat has been built to be as intuitive as possible so you can focus on creating. An important part of making a product intuitive is providing resources that help users make the most of the platform. As you know, we have a support channel (edu@flat.io) where you can reach out to us for any assistance you may need. But we also know it's crucial for you to have access to an easy-to-use help page so you can resolve any questions quickly and effectively. That's why we've given our help page a complete revamp in terms of design, organization, and search functionality.

If you have a question, simply type what you're looking for and browse through our tutorials!

Flat for Education Help Page

Page breaks

🔥 Many of you have asked for this feature, and we're happy to announce that it's now here!

With page breaks, you have more control over the organization of your musical creations. With this new feature you can: 

✅ Include different scores in a single document

✅ Separate orchestration parts into distinct scores within one document

✅ Compose entire concerts with various movements all in one place

... and much more!

How to add a page break

Simply select the measure, or a note within the measure, and then click the "add page break" icon available in the measure toolbar.

Page break insertion

How to remove page breaks

If you don't like the way your page is organized and want to eliminate a page break, simply select a note within the measure, and then click the "remove page break" icon.

Selecting a measure then removing the associated page break

We trust that this addition will enhance the layout of your sheet music and offer easier organizing of your compositions within our music notation software.

Alto recorder in F

Some of you have said you'd like to have an Alto recorder in F for transposition purposes. While the alto recorder is typically in concert pitch, having one in F can be beneficial for educational purposes.

Alto recorder in F

This tuning can be particularly beneficial for beginners, especially young students:

  1. Simpler Finger Positions: This tuning makes it easier for beginners to produce clear, accurate notes due to its straightforward finger positions.
  2. Transposition Practice: It provides an opportunity for students to practice transposing music.
  3. Integration into Ensembles: This tuning allows for easier integration into ensembles where other instruments may be in different keys.
  4. Introduction to Transposition: It offers an introduction to the concept of transposition, helping students understand how music can be written and played in different keys.

To find this new instrument, just look for it in the instruments options of your score:

Alto recorder in F

Music Snippet Updates

Music Snippet is the Google add-on for creating and embedding music notation into your Slides and Docs. The free version lets you insert short music snippets in your documents, which is amazing. But there's more...

Now you can link your education account to Music Snippet and get access to awesome features that make your content even better! This option gives you the complete notation editor with premium features like colored notes, slurs, bows, Kodaly notation, and more. Plus, you can save, edit, and export your scores in different formats. That's a lot of creative power!

Connect Music Snippet to your Flat Power or Flat for Education account

In addition to this amazing update, we've created a guide for you to make the most out of Music Snippet:

The ultimate Music Snippet guide!
Master the easiest way to add musical notes to your Google Slides and Docs. Save time and make your content more interesting.

Edu features

Free up student licenses when archiving classes

When a course has ended, you'll want to archive the related classes. You'll also likely want to free up licenses that were assigned to some students who are no longer using Flat for Education, so you can reassign them to new students. Good news – now this process is even more streamlined! When you archive a class, the licenses of the students will be cleared automatically.

Archiving a class in Flat for Education

💡 Learn how to archive a class in our dedicated help page 👇🏼

Help - Music notation software
Discover how to easily archive a class on Flat for Education. Flat Help Center

Copy all the resources from a class directly in Canvas

One of the favorite time-saving features for teachers on our platform is the ability to copy resources from one class to another.

Help - Music notation software
Once you’ve created an assignment on Flat for Education and saved it to your Resource Library, you might want to use in multiple classes. To reuse an assignment, go to the Resource Library, select the desired assignment and click on Use in class. From here you can select the class (or classes) in wh…

Now you can do that directly in Canvas, without having to go to Flat for Education.

💡 Remember, you can integrate your preferred LMS with Flat for Education and take your classes to the next level.

Help - Music notation software
Discover how to use Flat in Canvas to embed rich music notation in your Canvas pages, create seamless assignments from music theory to music compsition in your favorite LMS.. Flat Help Center

Worksheets: New Rhythmic Exercises

Worksheets are one of the types of assignments available on our platform. In just a few clicks, you can create a series of exercises to assess your students' knowledge of various topics in music theory.

✨ The best part is that these worksheets are graded automatically based on your settings! Learn all about this feature in this tutorial.

The news we have today is that we've added a new option for the worksheets: (3/4) time signature rhythmic questions! 

Rhythmic questions for the worksheets in Flat for Education

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If you have any questions or suggestions for our product team, please reach out: edu@flat.io.

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