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Music Editor:

Flat for Education:

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Music Editor

Flat for Android Beta

Flat for Android Beta is available now. If you did not join the early adopter's list, you can still get the beta app👇


Read-only mode

When read-only is enabled, no changes can be made to the score: all tools and keyboard shortcuts that would make changes to the score are disabled.

Read all about it here.

Fretboard UX

With this new component, you can easily input notes and see the tuning & capo positions on the edited part.

Read all about it here.

Chord mode

This mode makes it easier to stack notes to form chords and to make adjustments to the note you just added, like adding an articulation or an accidental.

New community stats page

Keeping track of your efforts is important to remain motivated. This is why we redid the stats page. Now it shows more info and also collaborations:

Flat for Education

Music Snippet, the Flat for Education Add-0n

Music Snippet is the perfect tool to engage your students like never before. Get Flat for Education's Google extension to insert music notation and tablatures into your Google Docs & Slides.

What is more, we have been working on some resources to help you make the most out of this amazing tool:

  • Video tutorials

In these video tutorials, you'll learn how to get Music Snippet, some possible uses, and its most relevant features.

  • How other teachers are using Music Snippet

We recently interviewed several teachers who use Flat for Education in their daily work. Each discussion was rich, and so we wanted to share their knowledge to help take your classes to the next level with Music Snippet.

🔗 How to efficiently use Music Snippet.

  • Lesson ideas

💡Get inspired by these lesson ideas based on how other teachers are using our platform with their students.

New score picker to select multiple scores for new assignments

Now you can select multiple scores when creating activities for your students, making the process much easier and faster:


June's challenge winner

🎉 We want to congratulate Thomas Bozarth!!!!

Thomas is the winner of June's challenge with his song  The Planete Sauvage Blues.

We created a playlist with the top 10 👉🏽  listen now!

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🐒 July Challenge: The Jungle

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Composer of the month

July's composer is ✨Oliver Andrews✨.

We learned a lot during our interview and we're sure you will, too.
We'll share the interview very soon!

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