Hi Everyone,

Today is a very particular day, we're celebrating our brand new offer. All the team has been working days and nights to achieve it.
We wanted to share it with you all because Flat wouldn't be that cool without you!

A paid offer, what does that mean?

Since the launch of our V6, we've been struggling with one unique question:

How to go further and earn enough money to keep building the best music score editor?

Indeed the Flat community kept growing fast and using the platform intensively. You dropped more than 100M notes within the last 5 weeks. This is completely INSANE 😍
When we noticed that some servers were overloaded causing bugs and lags, we decided that we needed to move on and think about how we could earn more money to keep delivering the same quality of service on

  • The product experience obviously
  • The support and time to answer (For April, we hit 1600 messages yesterday)

We have so many ideas in our heads regarding the future of Flat and music composition:

  • Mobile applications
  • Realtime Midi composition
  • Music Theory learning
  • etc...

To do that, we need to scale up the team. First to be able to address more topics at the same time but most importantly to get back our weekend and start to get some rest once in a week :)

That's why it appeared clear that we should create a paid offer to give us enough resources to achieve our goal and change the way we make music.

The thing is that we didn't want to create an offer with a restricted editor. The creativity can't be limited, all the editor and its upcoming features had to remain free.

As we stand for:

To be a great composer, one just needs the appropriate tools

Go Power, let's be Powerful

So here's our Free Vs Power offers description:

Flat Power

We will come shortly with articles explaining all the different features inside the Power offer.
As you can see we made sure that the editor remains free and we built awesome features for those that may want to go further with us :)
Also I think it is worth a couple of lines to explain the very first question we received

I tried to create a new private score and it said "You have reached the limit of scores on your plan", what kind of plan is that? I thought there was no limit?

Indeed we've limited the number of private scores for three reasons.

  • Managing private content costs us more than public content.
  • Don't be scared to share your awesome compositions.
  • There are no "spies" on Flat watching you while composing, at least we didn't find them yet.

However if privacy is a major concern for you and you don't want to upgrade to Flat Power and get the most of our offline edition or our smart history. Cyril and Romain developed a powerful export / import engine. :)

Public music scores remain unlimited.

A fair pricing

We wanted the fairest pricing for Flat!
Affordable & that gives us enough to continue this crazy journey in good conditions.
We ended up on 39$ per year or 4.90$ on a monthly basis.
As a launching price and to thank you all for your trust and your support we offer 20% off forever for a yearly subscription.

This is a major step into this crazy journey we've started 16 months ago inside our garage!
We're pretty confident and can't wait to release our next features.
Again thanks a lot for being part of this!

I wish you to have a good composition time on Flat!

What do you think about it? Feel free to share your opinion with us on the support or directly on Twitter

Have a wonderful day,

Pierre & The Flat Team