Since we're a full remote team, the whole founders team hasn't been reunited since last October and the launch of Flat!
If you regularly read us and our stories you may have understood that each day of the past 8 months have been pretty intense!

Not much sleep, too many coffees or burgers based on the location ;) and mainly a huge quantity of code. Despite that crazy life, we're really proud of everything we created!
Most importantly, we're really amazed of all the awesome music scores you're already able to compose on Flat.

Here's an example we discovered yesterday night:

From a beta to a product

We still have a big step to accomplish and probably the hardest one! Making money within the end of this summer to keep the team up and build the next great music score editor!
We know that there're still a lot to do on Flat and we want to put all the chances by our side.
So what's the best cliché place to fulfil challenges and save money?

A garage!

It's all about identity and momentum

Indeed, I believe that a garage is the best place ever so as to work on relationship, value and identity. It represents the best path to keep productivity at its best! Everything is connected!

By definition, a garage is messy, tidy and ugly! Making it a better working and living place might be a really interesting challenge. Each member of the team will customize it, bring his own personality and value to the room. Exactly what we're doing on Flat day after day!
That's why - by the end of July - we won't feel like living in a garage anymore but in Flat's headquarter ;)

The PERFECT location

Moreover south of France is the perfect location!
Always sunny and high temperatures: no more excuses not to spend half our meals around a barbecue; Brainstorming about incoming features and how to improve your experience on Flat.

So, where are we heading?

As I said, we are aware that we have a lot to do in three months. Moreover, everyday you keep asking for more:

  • features
  • improvement
  • bug fix
  • instruments
  • ...

No need to tell how much this is an incredible help for us! Thanks to your feedback we know what you expect from Flat and which direction to take. Above all: your support messages give us a tremendous amount of energy!
Thanks to you and to the big momentum of being reunited in the same room, which had not occurred since a very long time, we can be more efficient than ever. We feel like we could move mountains!
This is why we're quite confident about this challenge!

Keep the productivity and our spirit at its best to succeed with you!

This is our permanent mindset and this is how we start the Flat Summer Session! As a team of friends more motivated than ever and ready to achieve crazy stuff!


We wish you all a great summer on Flat! Keep doing incredible stuff: it gives us so much motivation!