Hello Everyone,

We released many updates this month, I would like to share some of them with you today:

Flat for Education

We have added new features around the assignments to make the teaching easier. You will find those under the "extra" section when you are creating/editing an assignment.

Google Classroom Topics

You can organize your resources by selecting in which topic the assignment will go.

Support for Google Classroom Topics
When creating your Flat for Education assignments, you can now choose the Google Classroom topics and easily organize your assignments on your Classroom Coursework pages.

Template lock

When you create an exercise using a score as a template, you can now prevent the students to edit/remove the notes that you have added in the score.

On this assignment example, the bass note is provided and is not editable, and the student has to add notes to complete the chord.

Template Lock for Assignments
When creating a Flat for Education assignment with a template score, you can now enable the Template Lock to prevent students from altering or removing the original notes from your template.

Custom toolsets

You can now select which tools will be available to your student for complete an assignment. You can for instance only enable the color tool and ask the student to identify the major 3rd intervals inside a piece of music.

Custom Toolsets (toolbars) for Assignments
For all Flat for Education assignments, you can now choose the tools available for your students to work on the activity and completely customize our music notation editor for your own needs.

New premium Contrabass

A new HQ instrument with 3 different velocity layers have been added to our Power plan.
Below is a sample of this new contrabass in action:

Thank you

Thanks again for all your feedback, we always love to hear from you! If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop us a line at hello@flat.io.