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Tuning and Capo displayed in the tab staff

With Flat's music notation software, you have the power to personalize your instrument settings and craft tablatures that match your style! In just a few clicks, you can personalize the number of strings, tuning, and capo.

But we're always looking to improve, which is why now your tuning and capo are conveniently shown directly within the tab staff!

In-score guitar tuning with capo

💡 If you want to learn all about this new release > check it out.

Custom Note Color Schemes

🎨 Now you have the power to design your own color scheme for your noteheads! Just go over to the layout settings and you'll spot the choice to personally select colors for every distinct note pitch.

👩🏾‍🎤 This grants you the artistic freedom to shape a musical journey that perfectly matches your style.

Setting the colors for each pitch

💡 Learn all about this feature and some use cases in our dedicated article > here!

Edu features

Unified Grading Option for Google Classroom

Flat for Education is the best choice for creating music notation activities in Google Classroom. Whether you're working on music theory, composition, or real-time collaboration, Flat easily integrates with Google Classroom and other G Suite apps.

💡 Learn all about how to synchronize your Google Classroom classes with Flat for Education here.

And this integration has a new update 🙌🏻

Now, for classes synced with Google Classroom, you can assign the same grading option all at once when creating a batch of assignments from the Resource Library.

Unified Grading Option for Google Classroom 

🙋🏻 Bear in mind, this feature is for Composition and Performance assignments.

Reuse your assignments directly in your MusicFirst Classroom

🍬 If you're a MusicFirst user, you're in for a treat!

We want to offer a platform that helps you optimize your time. That's why we've designed features like being able to reuse an assignment you've already created for different classes (tutorial here).

💡Please remember that in order to reuse an assignment, it must be added to the Resource Library.

Adding an assignment to the Resource Library in Flat for Education

Now you can also reuse assignments directly from your class in MusicFirst, without the need to open Flat for Education.

💪🏻 This will streamline your planning process.

Create an assignment directly from a score

Talking about time optimization ⏰

Now you can make assignments straight from a score. That means whether you're opening a score you already have or creating a new one, you can quickly turn it into an assignment for your students with just a few clicks. But there's more!

When you're setting up your task, you can assign it to different classes. And you can customize different settings for each class such as:


Creating an assignment directly from a score in Flat for Education

Resource Library Migration when switching organizations

We know that this is a time of change and restructuring, it's back-to-school season after all! For some of you, this means having to switch organizations in Flat for Education.

🫶🏼 We also understand that you dedicate time to creating your Resource Library to streamline the process of lesson planning and assignments for your students. Taking all of this into account, we have created an account migration flow that ensures the migration of all the resources you have previously created.

🥰 Don't worry if you have to switch organizations within our platform – all your work is safe!

Speaking of the Resource Library, we have 2 amazing guides for you to make the most out of this tool:

How to optimize your teacher routine with the Resource Library
Resource Library: Use Cases

Or, if you prefer a more visual guide:

Edu resources

Back-to-school guides

We're excited to share our latest back-to-school guides with you, with .pdf versions for both new and returning users. You can easily download them below:

💡 Download the guide for teachers new to Flat for Education💡

💡 Download the guide for teachers returning to Flat for Education 💡

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