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Tuning and Capo displayed in the tab staff

With Flat's music notation software, you have the power to personalize your instrument settings and craft tablatures that match your style! In just a few clicks, you can personalize the number of strings, tuning, and capo.

But we're always looking to improve, which is why now your tuning and capo are conveniently shown directly within the tab staff!

In-score guitar tuning with capo

💡 If you want to learn all about this new release > check it out.

Custom Note Color Schemes

🎨 Now you have the power to design your own color scheme for your noteheads! Just go over to the layout settings and you'll spot the choice to personally select colors for every distinct note pitch.

👩🏾‍🎤 This grants you the artistic freedom to shape a musical journey that perfectly matches your style.

Setting the colors for each pitch

💡 Learn all about this feature and some use cases in our dedicated article > here!

Mobile apps

Editing Score Credits after Publishing

Flat isn't just music notation software – we're a vibrant community of music enthusiasts! With our app, you can create and share your music by publishing your scores. In our community tab you can discover amazing music and connect with other musicians.

💡Remember you need a community profile to be able to publish your scores. Learn how to do that here.

🚀 When publishing your scores, adding credits to your score is a great way to recognize everyone who helped create your piece. It also lets you include information that enhances the discoverability in our platform (e.g. by adding relevant tags).

👀 Before you couldn't edit the credits after publishing a score. But based on your feedback, we understood how important it is to be able to change credits afterwards. You might have forgotten some details or realized you want to go with a different description. That's why we've now made it possible to edit the credits after publishing! It's easy – go to your score's settings, choose credits, make your changes, and save.

Editing the credits in a published score

Challenge Tab

Did you know about our monthly challenges? They're not just fun, you can also win a yearly Premium subscription with them! They started about two years ago as a way to inspire our community's creativity. Each challenge features fun themes and instructions designed to push you out of your comfort zone and expand your composition routine.

🙌🏻 By the way, you've still got time to submit your score for August's challenge:

🐾 August Challenge: Melodies of Furry Love
Join this challenge and win a yearly Flat Power subscription!

We publish the winners on our blog and gather all the submitted songs in our challenge tab so you can listen to all the amazing music that's being created. And now this feature is no longer limited to our web app – it's available on our mobile apps, too! So join the fun and show off your musical talent in these challenges!

Monthly Challenges Tab

New comment section

Music is more than composing and listening to songs– it's also about connecting with others. To enhance interaction and engagement, we saw the need for a better comment section in the mobile apps. That's why we've introduced a new screen that displays comments, score information, and allows for easy commenting and replies.

💡To access the comments in your scores, just tap on the comment icon.

Comment icon in Flat's mobile app

This addition aims to create a more lively and connected musical community.

New comment section in Flat's mobile app

Android Push notifications

We understand how exciting it is to stay updated on comments and interactions with your scores, which is why we've added push notifications. And guess what? We've now brought this feature to Android as well! No more waiting, it's already here and ready!

Android Push notifications

🙌🏻 Stay informed and navigate effortlessly with this new feature.

Bug fixes

🐛 Rests not merging on PDF export in iOS:

Previously, when exporting your score as a PDF, rests weren't merging as expected 👀. However, we've addressed this issue and made sure it's all smooth now.

💡Learn how to export your scores in this video tutorial:

🐛 Pickup measures issue resolved in Android:

There was an issue where pickup measures seemed to stay as 4/4 even when selecting a time signature like 3/4 (or others).

This problem has been fixed! Your pickup measures will work correctly now.

💡 We have video tutorial on how to add a pickup note in your score (min 0:15):

The community

August challenge

Last month we invited you to celebrate the love and companionship that pets bring into our lives, turning those feelings into beautiful music in Flat.

🔥 We'll announce the winner very soon, so stay tuned! Find out more here.

Composer of the month

This month, we're featuring Loketo, an amazing composer in the Flat community. One interesting fact: his main influence is Nintendo music 🎮🎶.

🙌🏻 Find out more in this article!

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