Hey there,

Today, we are excited to announce a new partnership between Clever and Flat for Education.

If you are new to Flat for Education, our product is a cloud-based music notation software allowing your students to collaborate in real-time on their compositions. User-friendly and affordable, Flat can be used on any device, including Chromebooks and Tablets.

Revolutionize music Education

Almost two years ago we released our very first version of Flat For Education. Our goal was to make the music class effective and interactive. We want to make teaching music an easy and cool activity for both students and teachers.

Flat for Education

We quickly understood that in order to make teachers’ life easier, we needed to build a strong relationship with the awesome tools they already get value from!

For the entire year we have integrated and partner with the best tools that teachers use every day, including Google For Education, Microsoft Office 365, Canvas, and Soundtrap. With the back to school season already launched, we're super excited to announce this last partnership with the awesome product built by Clever.

Clever makes it easy to use technology in the classroom

Clever's web-based platform makes the deployment and onboarding of new software easy for U.S. teachers, students, and their districts. Today, half of K-12 schools in the U.S. trust Clever to secure their student data as they adopt learning apps in the classroom.

When we discovered them thanks to teachers from the community asking for a great integration it clearly appeared that the fit would be perfect :)
We started to talk and exchange about our mutual goals a few months ago and here we are with our latest integration to date!

Clever features integrated

We support Instant Login and Secure Roster Sync from Clever. Instant login lets you sign into Flat in 1 click from your Clever portal or from your dedicated Flat District website. With Clever's secure roster synchronization, you choose who will use our music education app in your School and Clever only shares a small set of your data with us. We will also automatically provision the classes and groups from Clever using your SIS data, and handle account updates or deletions during the school year.

To get started with Flat on Clever, simply contact us or ask your school admin to add Flat on Clever for your district. Once everything is setup, you will have direct access to Flat from your Clever dashboard.

At your first connection, choose your classes that will use Flat with you, and you are all set to create your first music activities!

Our support of Clever is included with our Flat for Education product. If you are also using Google Classroom or an LMS with Flat, you can use both integrations with the same Flat for Education website. We also support having one class on Flat synchronized with both Clever and Google Classroom at the same time.

We are excited to see how you will use Flat with Clever in your District and happy once again to make technology in music education more accessible to everyone! Feel free to contact us to get more information about this brand new integration, sharing your story or give us some feedback.

Vincent and the Flat for Education team