Hi everyone,

Since we came back from Denver and the ISTE we haven't communicated a lot. Indeed we got tons of feedback about Flat about many points that can makes the overall experience frustrating.
That's why all the team decided not to go on vacations at all and fix up everything before the 1st of September. We know this is a big challenge but I am pretty confident into the team to succeed!

Some milestones already achieved

We're now almost half way and I am very proud to announce that we already shipped a couple of pretty neat improvements!

Take some times to discover them all. I am sure you probably missed something. We're far to be done there are still so goal that need to be done from the experience to the performance. We know that August will be though but we can't wait to release everything.

Stay tuned August will be definitively crazy!!

By the way our first back to school offer is launched! Want to enjoy every single features coming in with at only 29$ a year?


Pierre & The Flat Team